Magdun Clan


The signs of Magdun clan membership are usually limited to very curly hair and hair on the back of the neck… though sometimes they may develop one or more elongated ears or rectangular pupils. As they age, their toes tend to callous together into a hooflike shape. Some Magdun even undergo the very painful process of growing some curled horns (taken as a sure sign of bellicoseness; often the horns will breach the skin just in the middle of a heated argument, though perhaps teens with splitting headaches are simply more likely to get into such conflicts).

Racial Bonuses

Magdun characters receive the following:

  • +1 to Dexterity (Sure-Footed)
  • +1 to Charisma (Hard-Headed)
  • +1 to a third stat of the player’s choice
  • Advantage on saving throws against Charm and Fear effects.
  • Resistance to Cold damage.
  • A feat.

Magdun Clan

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